Roy Juarez: Homeless by Choice Tour Visits Kids Club

Roy Juarez stopped by Kids Club on his “Homeless by Choice” tour in July.   He shared with the 4th and 5th graders his personal story and encouraged them to never stop dreaming or believing.  Roy is touring the country telling kids all across the US that if he was homeless at the age of 14 and still was able to graduate from college, they can do it too.  Captivated by his story, Roy struck a chord with may of our students.  One young lady responded, “Roy’s mom and dad fought and screamed a lot just like my mom and dad.  Roy’s dad went to jail just like my dad did.  If he can change the world, I can change the world too.”  A young man gave Roy a hug and said to him, “Your life sounds a lot like mine.”  We are thankful that Roy is willing to share his story and inspire youth all across the US.   You can follow the Homeless By Choice Tour too.