Starting the Year with the Gift of Reading

Just before the Christmas break, Dawnielle was approached by a Casa Chirilagua volunteer who said, “My family owns a reading company. Maybe that could be of use to you. If so, let me know and I’ll connect you with my mom and my sister.” Dawnielle thought it was a great idea. The volunteer sent out an email and before we knew it, The American Reading Company agreed to donate 200 books (100 in English and 100 in Spanish) and a training session on “Working with Emerging and Low Level Readers” for Casa Chiri staff, volunteers and tutors.

On Saturday, January 7th, the American Reading Company trainer traveled down from Philadelphia to train a group of 15 Casa Chiri staff, mentors and Kids Club volunteers. The trainer brought 200 emerging and low level books, filling a big gap in the existing Kids Club library. In total, the American Reading Company donated over $3000 in materials, training and support.

The staff, volunteers and mentors agreed that the training was a huge success. We left feeling equipped and excited about helping our students raise their reading levels.

Thank you, American Reading Company!