Summer Highlights

Aug 20, 2018

Our community center has been busy with students of all ages from morning until night this summer. Here are reports from each of the classes. Also be sure to follow the photos on our Facebook page!


Summer Kids Club

Our elementary school friends have been working hard this summer! As they reviewed fractions, practiced math facts, and went over place value and rounding – volunteers and staff worked hard to set students up for success in the coming school year. Math and reading can be subject areas that are the most frustrating for our kids. However, thanks to your one on one support 76% of students feel more confident to learn math while 83% of students feel more confident around reading in the upcoming school year. Thank you to all volunteers who came out to support our children in Summer Club!


Teens Casa Club

As Ana* sat at teens’ Casa Club Camp she weaved yarn in and out of a cross-shaped design which she had created. I asked her, “What have you appreciated about Casa Club this past year?” She thought for a while and then she answered, “I got the help I needed and I met new people.” I followed up asking what kind of help she had received, expecting it to be around her school work. She replied, “Well, they helped me learn how to talk to people. Talking to new people is hard for me, and I don’t always control my emotions well. But they helped me process my emotions, and they were patient and kind with me. Now I feel like talking to new people isn’t so hard anymore.


It’s been encouraging to see volunteers at Casa Club building a community where students feel safe to learn how to express themselves. Across all of our programs, volunteers build deeper relationships, instilling confidence and nurturing stronger communities. Thank you to each of you for everything you’ve done to build a flourishing community in Chirilagua.


Adult Computer Literacy

“I really like [computers]. Before this class I did not know anything. Now I know how to turn on the computer, how to use the mouse, the keyboard and some of their functions,” remarked Gabriel.


Every Tuesday of July, Casa Chirilagua hosted four computer classes teaching basic skills for performing common tasks on computers and the internet. Their focus was on practicing and promoting basic operational functions including the use of a keyboard, the mouse and customizing settings. Microsoft Windows and Word were also part of the curriculum.


The effect of this class goes further than simple computer use, as Marcela notes, “Now when I visit my kid’s school I will be able to sign into the computers. Before I needed to ask for help.”


Mauricio adds, “I could use this knowledge in my future job.”


Adult Nutrition Classes

“I never imaged how much sugar soda contains,” remarks Javier after class. “I did not know the impact sugar has on kids. I will pay close attention to it.” He was one of eight students who participated in weekly classes throughout July which promoted nutritious foods, cooking skills, food budgeting and safe food handling.


His classmate Hermosa learned new information to improve her family’s diet and support the family budget, “Class was very dynamic and it makes total sense what she explained to us. I did not know how easy it was to prepare healthy food without using oil. I also can save money now at the supermarket by buying the store brand. I used to think it would not taste good so I did not try it.”


The desire for healthier families was requested by leaders in the Chirilagua community as a part of our three year strategic direction to promote physical health in the community. Casa Chirilagua partnered with the Virginia Cooperative Extension to provide this Family Nutrition Program which is dedicated to help families make healthier food choices and become better managers of available food resources for optimal health and growth.


“Now I know what the Nutrition Facts label is. I can measure what is packed into each food,” exclaims Gloria.


We look forward to the healthy impact this will make on students and families as they begin to put these new skills to work. ¡Buen provecho!


We are a community of people “learning together to love our neighbors as ourselves” in a Latino neighborhood in Alexandria, Virginia.

As a faith-based Christian non-profit with a small staff and over 100 volunteers, we serve alongside more than 100 families and their children (1st-12th grades) each week through our community programs.

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