Summer Kids Club: TREASURE – Ask. Seek. Knock.

This was the theme (based on Luke 11:9) for our week at Passportkids! Camp June 29th -July 2nd.   Our 14 students were on a hunt all week to seek and find treasures in God’s Kingdom.  First, they learned that God’s Kingdom is not a physical place with boundaries and walls, but it is all around us, and we can see it anytime anyone does anything loving, kind or compassionate.  During camp, the kids were challenged to make a big X with their two arms (like an x on a treasure map) and yell out “TREASURE!” every time they saw one of these treasures.  For the rest of the week we heard “TREASURE!” called out left and right.  Somebody helping a friend up: Treasure!  Somebody sharing their last cookie with a friend: Treasure!  Somebody taking time apart to seek God during morning devotions: Treasure!

Our prayer now is that the kids will continue to seek God’s Kingdom and those treasures that have eternal value.  Thanks to all those that supported us with scholarships, vans, sleeping bags, snacks and prayers.  You are all a TREASURE for us!!!


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