Teens Club introduces Spark Night

For the past two months, our teens have been learning about their small group leaders’ passions in a series called “Spark Nights.” We hope exposure to the passions of others might spark something in our teens to discover their own passions.

Boys small group leader, Nick Donner, spoke about the hard work it takes to be a photographer and video editor. Check out the 6-second stop-motion video he made with the boys (below) and see the edited photo he made with the girls (below).

Teens Club Spark Night - Flying Girls

Teens Club Spark Night – Flying Girls

Our students also learned the dedication and training it takes to run more than 10 marathons from Scott Tanner and they enjoyed a private concert from singer/songwriter Erin Weston. Emily Wismer opened their eyes to the exciting world of rock-climbing and this week they will learn what it takes to be a firefighter from Alexandria firefighter, Luis Santano.

We can’t believe the school year is almost over and are excited about the opportunities our teens will have over the summer to volunteer, exercise, attend theater performance, hike and so much more. Stay tuned for news on our summer schedule!