Teens Club New Structure

Two weeks ago, The Teens Club program launched a “new structure” that was an incredible success! Our volunteers were terrific with our students and one of our girls said, “Teens Club was so much fun!” Teens Club now meets once a week for an hour (instead of everyday) and in that hour, we create a safe space for activities that encourage emotional and social development. We have also added a “reward trip” (a day trip to NYC) component to serve as a motivational tool to encourage good attendance, good grades, and positive behavior and participation at school. In addition to our weekly Teens Club programming, students are being offered the opportunity to participate in Guitars not Guns (weekly guitar lessons), WyldLife (twice a month fellowship night), Bible Study (weekly group meetings) and/or become a Kids Club volunteer (a weekly volunteer day). All of these options create an action packed, fun-filled week for our students and that’s not even including their weekly meeting with their one-on-one mentor! These students are BUSY, and as one of our boys exclaimed last week, “This week has been the best week ever!”