Teens Club: Together

We have completed our 4th week of program! The first week we were faced with some snags that forced us to cancel our program for two days as well as shorten it by a whole hour. However, the following week was a great success.

Our students were so engaged during our reading time that you could hear a pin drop! Wright to Reed as well as some of our volunteers have donated lots of great books for our students. We are giving incentives to encourage students to read and complete a single book instead of choosing different books every time we have reading time. Our students are also slowly learning how to work as a team. Together, they voted and decided on a name for our program: Teens Club.

We recently signed our MOA with ACPS, officially making us a partner with ACPS and helping us provide our students with snacks during Teens Club. I have begun partnering with the counselors and teacher of our students, discussing their academic progress and any disciplinary issues. It’s been great getting to know these educators and seeing how hard they work to make our students successful. They have all said that this program is such a great support and are excited to be partnering with us. Everyone has been a pleasure to know at GW Middle School, from the hallway monitors to the librarian. Building these relationships is another important facet to Teens Club and thankfully, it’s off to a great start! This position has been such a rewarding challenge for me, and it’s a privilege to know that I’m exactly where I need to be.