Teens Club: Wish for the holidays

December was such a fun and busy month for Teens Club. At the beginning of the month, most of our students participated in the “Wish for the Holidays” letters to congress. This nation-wide wish was a campaign to collect letters from students urging congress to stop separating families  through deportations and immigration detentions. Those that participated in Teens Club became very passionate when writing their letters.

At the end of the month, we had our Christmas filed trip. We took all of Teens Club to the Pentagon Row ice-skating rink. They had a blast! One of the boys kept hollering saying, “Look, Miss Adriana! Look how fast I can skate!” It was a great time! After skating, we all went back to Chirilagua for the Christmas dinner and celebration. We later had a gift exchange with our students thanks to the gifts which were provided by various donors.

Thank you to McLean Bible Frontline for the gifts and  to Frontline and GCCC for coming out to wrap all of the gifts!

I’m so thankful for a semester full of memories with our Teens Club students. This coming semester brings with it some changes that we feel will make Teens Club even better for our students. I’m excited for the changes to come and to see how our students continue to grow in the program. It’s a blessing to witness this growth first-hand!