Tell Them You Believe

The students asked if you believe in them and you responded with $40,000 in contributions to start a Middle School Program!

We are asking one more thing from our donors. At Casa Chirilagua, we like to flip things upside down and we ask you to “put your mouth where your money is.”  What do we mean by that?

We are making a response video to show to our Middle School students. We want them to see the faces of their supporters and hear from the people who say they believe in them.  Break out your point and shoot camera, use your cell phone camera, or sit in front of your laptop and capture a quick, one sentence video stating that you believe in them. Gather the whole family, pull together a group of friends or just do it on your own.   Your message can vary. Say what you want but keep it short. “I/We believe in you.”  “You can do it.”  “Dream big.”  “We’re praying for you.”  “God loves you.”

Tip:  Wait 3 seconds after pressing record before you start talking.  We can edit out the extra time but can’t add the time we need.

You can send your video clip to: