The meaning of GLAD

As we continue to grow and expand, I (Dawnielle) am getting less and less time in programs spending one-on-one time with our students. While I understand that it is a necessary part of growth, I still miss my regular time with the children. They bring so much rejuvination and life to my week! This week I had an opportunity to step away from the office administration and visit Kids Club. It was wonderful to say hello to all of our students as many of them greeted me with smiles, excitement and hugs. During my visit, I sat down to read with Maria who I knew was a struggling reader. She sat down with me and gave me her best efforts. She worked through sounding out one of her sight words for the week, “glad.” Guh-LLLL-AAAAH-BBBB. Guh-LL-AH-BB. ¬†She looked at me puzzled. She knew that glab wasn’t a word. I suggested, “Why don’t you try it again and pay attention to the last letter?” Guh-LLLL-AAAAH-DDD. Guh-LL-AH-D. “Glad. Glad!” she said with excitement and a feeling of accomplishment. I smiled and responded, “Good job! Way to sound it out. You are correct. Do you know what that word means?” She stood up and in her most theatrical attempt spun around, threw her hands up in the air and said, “So happy!” I laughed in agreement. Then she did the same motion once again and said, “I am so glad that you are here today.” I smiled and told Maria, “Well, I’m glad that I came too because you just made my day.” As I left that afternoon, I realized that for me, “glad” had a new and special significance in my own vocabulary.