Volunteer of 2011-12: Martha Larson

Over the past year school year, Casa Chirilagua recorded 212 volunteers who contributed over 5,500 hours of service. Each year, we recognize one volunteer for his or her on-going commitment to Casa Chirilagua’s students and families.  This year’s volunteer of the year was added to the ranks when we moved the Kids Club program to Beverley Hills Community United Methodist Church.  She is a retired physical education teacher who has contributed far more than we could have thought or imagined.

This volunteer helped to bring an Art Component into the Summer Kids Club program and assisted with the planning and execution of the Art of Restoration event .  She also serves as a one-to-one mentor and as the Casa Chirilagua BHCUMC liaison.  If that isn’t enough, she contributed to Kids Club this year by developing and running the “Movement Lab”.  For her over 212 recorded hours of volunteer time, we name Ms. Martha Larson, the 2011-2012 Casa Chirilagua Volunteer of the Year