Volunteer Spotlight: Amelia Brown

“Can I work with Miss Amelia?” the children call out from the line in the hallway waiting to enter the study for homework time. Every Tuesday I hear the same thing. The Kids Club students LOVE Miss Amelia, and all of them want to work with her. Miss Emily stated it so clearly, “Ms. Amelia is a natural with the kids. They really love spending time with her.”
Amelia Brown makes time in her schedule to make it to Kids Club for an hour and a half every week, usually Tuesday after work.  It is evident that she enjoys her time tutoring and that she loves the kids!  In addition to volunteering at Kids Club, she makes an effort to attend holiday, YP,  and volunteer events, and even went Trick-or-Treating with the kids last month.  For these reasons, we name Amelia Brown volunteer of the month and thank her for her continued service.