Volunteer Spotlight: Beth Taylor

Beth Taylor is the self-motivated volunteer every non-profit organization would love to have. She is vested and dedicated to the work and ministry of Casa Chirilagua and has committed her time, talents and treasure to help meet the needs of both the community and the organization.

Beth first began investing in Casa Chiri by volunteering to be a mentor. Beth and her mentee hit it off from their first interaction. She spends time weekly at her mentee’s home and is building a strong friendship with the other members of her mentee’s family. They do homework together, play scrabble, go to movies, get ice cream, and spend time drawing impressive princesses and peacocks. For their summer activity, they have chosen to take swim lessons together.

In addition to being a great mentor, Beth recently came to us and offered to start a Meet-Up group to raise more awareness of Casa Chirilagua, its neighborhood and surrounding needs. You can check out the next event she has organized (which includes a sampling of Central American foods) and is scheduled for July 22nd. You can find the information by searching “Casa Chirilagua” on Meet Up (http://www.meetup.com/Casa-Chirilagua-Young-Professionals)

Moreover, when she isn’t spending time with her mentee or organizing and running Meet Up events, Beth volunteers her professional skills and Human Resources experience to help Casa Chirilagua on the administrative side writing and developing an HR manual.

For these reasons, we feel Beth Taylor is deserving of recognition for the July 2011 Casa Chirilagua volunteer of the month.