Volunteer Spotlight: Chris Sicks and Adam LeRoy

“Mr. Adam!















the kids exclaim as they board the APC bus, excited about the trip, the snack and the DVD they are about to enjoy to keep them occupied for the ride. We’ve seen this happen time and time again over the past year when the APC bus rolls up the alley to take the kids to VBS or on field trips.


Adam LeRoy and Chris Sicks, both staff at Alexandria Presbyterian Church, volunteer their time on a monthly basis as bus drivers to ensure safe transportation for our monthly Kids Club field trips sponsored by APC. These bus drivers do not view their role simply as “bus drivers.” In addition to driving the bus, they engage with the kids and build relationships with them. During the week of VBS, they provide a morning snack and juice box for each student as they board the bus. When we prepared to go ice skating, Adam and Chris were in the kitchen preparing barrels of hot chocolate. When we took a trip to Great Country Farm, Mr. Chris, said yes to the trip, brought his children along and made the day a family outing. Mr. Adam puts his youth leader skills to work with the 4th and 5th grade boys, especially on the bowling lane!


We are thankful for the time Adam and Chris give to make our field trips possible and the ways they invest in the kids of Kids Club.  For this reason, we recognize Adam LeRoy and Chris Sicks as the Casa Chirilagua volunteers of the month.