Volunteer Spotlight: Darla Bardine


Darla Bardine joined the Casa Chirilagua board in January of 2012. From her first day of service, we knew she was serious, passionate, and committed to getting the job done. She was ready and willing to bring all of her skills to the table including her years of on the ground experience advocating for the safety of children, an MA in Non-profit management and human rights, and a recently earned law degree.  Over the past year, Darla has helped facilitate the launch of a volunteer grant writing sub-committee, offered legal advice to the board in decision making processes and dedicated countless hours leading, developing and writing a more robust Child Protection Policy with the assistance of Emily Mancia. For her many hours of volunteer service to Casa Chirilagua and her on-going commitment to making communities a safer place for children, we name Darla Bardine the March 2013 Casa Chirilagua volunteer of the month.