Volunteer Spotlight: Nick Donner

Nick Donner first stepped up to volunteer at Casa Chirilagua when he heard we were starting a Middle School program, now called Teens Club. We had a basic structural idea in place but were starting work with a new age group, and we knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Nick was up for the task showing up weekly to help out with the students. Even after difficult days, Nick kept coming back. Through the past few months, Nick has built relationships with students, helped them with homework and accompanied them on field trips. In addition to this, Nick has gone above and beyond the call of duty by helping produce theĀ Teens Club video and lending his photography skills by creating and manning ourĀ photo booth at the annual Christmas party. Nick is a wonderful example of someone assessing the time and skills he has available and then stepping forward to offer them to be used. We are grateful to Nick for his on-going commitment to support the work and ministry of Casa Chirilagua and for this, we name him the January 2013 volunteer of the month.