Volunteer Spotlight: Sarah Beaumont

Sarah Beaumont heard about volunteer opportunities at Casa Chirilagua through her local church, Restoration Anglican. She had recently arrived to the States from the UK with her husband and while awaiting the arrival of her work visa from the US government, she decided to fill her days with volunteering.

Sarah first came to Kids Club in September of 2011 ready and willing to work. Before we knew it, Sarah was volunteering at Kids Club Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week. She quickly became a favored tutor and is now regularly requested by one of our more challenging students. Additionally, when we made a structural shift in programming, Sarah became an assistant in the Brain Gym and has agreed to lead the brain gym while the instructor is away for the next few weeks.
Sarah’s investment doesn’t stop at Kids Club.  She has attended multiple Casa Chirilagua neighborhood outreach events, attended trainings and has even volunteered at the office helping with administration. For her many hours and dedicated commitment to Kids Club, we name Sarah Beaumont the January 2012 volunteer of the month.
Last month, Sarah’s work visa finally arrived. Please pray for Sarah to find a job that she enjoys. It would be an added bonus if the job afforded her the opportunity to continue volunteering at Kids Club.