Volunteer Spotlight: Scott Tanner

Scott joined our amazing group of volunteers at Casa Chirilagua at the beginning of this school year. His enthusiasm has been a huge blessing to us. He has gotten the word out about Casa Chiri to all his friends in the Del Ray area and at his church (Grace Brethren). Not only does his grassroots activism encourage us immensely, but the joy he exudes when he is with the middle school kids, strengthens us. He has been volunteering twice a week at Teens Club with his daughter who is in high school. He helps our students with their homework, chaperones for our field trips and provides a constant smile every time he is with us. Our students responded quickly to Scott’s contagious smile and positive attitude, especially the boys in our program. His experience in public relations came in handy when students began brainstorming ideas for the video they will be making. It has been such a joy having Scott as a volunteer and a positive male role-model for our middle school boys. That is why he is our volunteer of the month!