Volunteer Spotlight: Tim Kuhn



We first met Tim Kuhn at a Meet Up event in the spring of 2011. We had no idea that what Tim heard about Casa Chirilagua at that meeting struck a chord deep in his being. Casa Chirilagua was the organization/ministry he had been seeking for quite some time. Little by little, Tim became more involved with Casa Chirilagua. His first big project was helping with the office re-model in August of 2011. After that, he felt called to bless and specifically pray for the Casa Chirilagua staff. He would come by the office with surprise Krispy Kreme donuts and then began taking the staff out for monthly lunches to check in and update his prayer list for the organization. Since Tim has begun praying regularly for Casa Chirilagua, it is as if we have seen the heavens open.
God has used him tremendously to bless and encourage the staff during times of frustration and trial. When the board began recruiting new Casa Chiri board members for 2012, the board knew that Tim needed to bring his wisdom and prayer support to the leadership team.


In a formal capacity, Tim serves as a one-on-one mentor and a Casa Chirilagua board member. Tim contributes to the board by being a solid rock of prayer for the staff and the organization and encourages others to do so as well. Please join Tim at the next Casa Chiri prayer meeting July 18th.
For his on-going commitment to the mission and vision of Casa Chirilagua and unwavering prayer support, we name Tim Kuhn the July 2012 Volunteer of the month.