Volunteering at Woodbine with Kids Club

Dear Elizabeth,

The Kids Club field trip to Woodbine Rehab and Healthcare Center was my first time being at a seniors’ home. Anyway, I’m writing you to tell you about Andrea and how impressed I was with her courage.

When we first arrived at the seniors’ home, Andrea was intimidated and scared.  She didn’t even want to let go of my hand.  What surprised me, though, was how she actually talked to the seniors despite being so scared.  While working on her craft (students decorated fall leaves with jewels and stickers alongside residents), Andrea explained what her work would look like as she added plastic diamonds of various sizes in different patterns. She had an actual conversation with the seniors – which brought lots of smiles to the faces at our table.

What’s more, she used every piece of material she had to make her work the best she could during her time at the senior’s home. Despite her age (seven) and few materials, Andrea made a piece of art.

After having talked and worked on her craft, it was time to wrap it up. Andrea kindly shook the residents’ hands and said good-bye to them. She had a big smile on her face as she handed her work to one of the residents.

Andrea was able to put aside her fears. She focused all her attention on not letting anything stop her from being sweet and kind to other people. She showed the residents her dedication to making her leaf for them.

I think that the kindness Andrea showed in spite of her fear deserves special praise.

– Ismael