Who Inspires You?

Kids Club student a winner of MLK Day drawing contest!

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day students at Mount Vernon participated in a drawing contest with the prompt “Who inspires you?” When he heard this question, 5th grader Carlos* knew immediately who he wanted to draw—Lionel Messi.  “He works hard and he really cares about people…and he’s an amazing soccer player. I want to be like him,” said Carlos when asked why he chose Messi.


Carlos’s picture of who inspires him was chosen as the best for his grade. He attended a ceremony at City Hall where his picture was put on display. At the ceremony, winning students were encouraged to follow the examples of those who inspire them.


Today, Carlos looks up to Messi. Meanwhile, Marissa our Elementary Programs director believes, “I am sure that one day there will be a 5th grader who looks up to Carlos for embodying these same things: determination, kindness, and care for others. It’s a blessing to walk with our students as they grow into leaders. I am thankful for the volunteers who encourage them to be all they can be.”


*Name changed for privacy