WyldLife camp, from a student’s point of view

wyldlife camp 2013

There is no doubt this year’s WyldLife camp was a memorable one. While we could tell you all the stories from the staff’s point of view, we’d rather hear from one of our students.

wyldlife camp 2013

“Wyldlife camp was a fun week full of adventures including: water and land zip lining, the screamer swing, sailing, kayaking and tubing. I also made new friends. I really enjoyed club time. It was a great combination of having fun but also being serious.”

“The speaker, Kelly was a confident speaker who motivated us. She gave us good examples of who Jesus is and what he did for us. She gave an example of a bike. A bike has an important part to run, the chain. We are like the bike and Jesus is the chain that helps us keep going. I loved camp and I really want to go again.”

– WyldLife student