You’re Building Local Leadership


Your support fosters one of Casa’s core values; building Local Leaders within the community. Every day these leaders build up the students around them at Kids Club. Veteran Local Leader Leydy will tell you it isn’t always easy. With kids’ varying personalities, enthusiasm and energy she’s learned to remain a firm, flexible, fun and sincere leader. Now in her second year, Leydy knows how to command the room.


On a visit to Kids Club you might find her in a silent room of 41 well-behaved students,intently reading books. This would not be possible without your part in their growth. This summer your support of these local leaders and their community cultivated the Summer Club program—a program which Leydy co-led. It was here that Leydy’s leadership skills expanded. It was also here that students gained a love for reading.


Leydy gained the trust and respect of these Summer Club students who are now in Kids Club. Nowadays, these students sit happily reading under her watchful eye. The fruits of your support are clear: Local Leaders are building future leaders every day.