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who we are

About Us

Casa Chirilagua believes in the power of relational bridge building to holistically transform communities. Because of this, we love and serve alongside a predominantly Central American Latino community in Alexandria, Va.

We bring our community together through life-giving friendships and through our programs:

  • after school programming
  • mentoring
  • leadership development
  • parent engagement
  • family strengthening
  • family dinners and gatherings
  • other relationship-based efforts

From the loving and watchful eye of the neighborhood “tia” (aunt) to the care and commitment of a geometry tutor who lives up the street, we all need each other for our neighborhood to truly flourish.

We honor and appreciate the value that each person’s gifts and unique qualities bring to the neighborhood, and we invite YOU to be part of this incredible work by making an investment in Casa Chirilagua today.

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