5K Race Tips, from the founder of RunningBrooke

Are you ready for the 5K race to benefit Casa Chirilagua? We hope that you’re exercising safely as you prepare for the fall event.  To help you run a successful 5K, we’ve invited Brooke Curran, founder of RunningBrooke, to share some race tips. Here’s what Brook advises:


The goal is to start slow and finish fast! To do this, warm up with some slow jogging followed by some jumping jacks, high-knees, donkey-kicks and strides. Five to 10 minutes should do it.


When the gun goes off, keep the first mile in-check, it should feel hard, but at a pace that you can keep. A good test for the right pace is a runner should be able to talk in short sentences at this pace. Ideally, the second and third miles should be a little faster than the one before, but with no major perceived increase of effort. The last .1 mile should be a sprint :).


Once the race is over, congratulate yourself. You did it! Then walk around to cool down, followed by some light yoga-like stretching.


If you haven’t signed up for the 5K yet, please register at: http://alexandria5k.eventbrite.com