Everyone is Up and running!

I am happy to report all Casa Chirilagua programs are back up and running for the year. Kids Club is off to a great start. Teens Club CORE started last Wednesday. Lego League had its first meeting on Saturday. Leaders In Training (LIT) are doing a wonderful job helping our students at Kids Club. All four student Bible Studies began this week. Mentors continue meeting with their students weekly and the parent committee elected its new board of officers!

While it is very exciting to see all of these programs in motion once again, we are humbled to remember we are far from the finish line. These programs are not an end in themselves but a starting point to build relationships with our students and families – relationships centered in God’s love. We still hold to our mantra, “Programs don’t transform people, relationships do.” We look forward to seeing transformation of staff, volunteers, students and their families as new, meaningful relationships are built and God’s love dwells in the midst of them.

Come celebrate Casa Chiri being “up and running” for the school year by literally getting up and running with us on November 2nd!  Join us for the Christ the King 5K Fun Run/Walk to benefit Casa Chirilagua – sign up online here. This is a great way to support Casa Chirilagua and build relationships at the same time. Invite your co-workers, your neighbors or your small group to join you. I can’ t think of a better reason to get in shape!
We’ll see you in November at Cameron Run Regional Park with your running (or walking) shoes!