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Talented at mimicry and as perceptive as a social psychologist, Pedro can have twelve kids rolling at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, twelve kids rolling on the floor laughing during homework room is often what we try to curtail at Kids Club. They do say that in comedy, timing is everything.


We had been practicing our skits for the Talent Show for about a week. The kids had learned the rhythm and main punch-lines of their skits, and we began practicing them in front of each other as we tried to puzzle out what would make a parent laugh.


One group of our girls struggled.


“Is it time yet?” They mumbled nervously from their seats, the rest of the group looking on. They delivered their lines without missing a word, but there was caught in a cloud of nerves, the humor failed to appear. When they finished, no one laughed. Even after the group offered positive feedback, the four looked dejected. (more…)

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