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Our restored systems programming encourages standards of justice and living through Christian Community Development classes, quarterly prayer meetings and a community resource committee.

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As adolescents mature and approach adulthood, they face decisions that impact their character and social development. Our high school programming offers learning opportunities for students in 9th through 12th grade through weekly Bible study. This programming provides students with support and guidance while being equipped with life skills such as conflict resolution, financial literacy and healthy relationship curriculum. It also focuses on spiritual tools to help them fully live out their God-given potential.


We are also providing practical guidance and support for students hoping to attend college through our Casa to College program.


Additionally, all high school students are eligible to participate in our mentoring program.



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Our Local Leader program is a unique experience for young adults who live in the Chirilagua community and attend college to gain:


  • part-time job experience
  • professional development and training
  • professional mentoring
  • support for continuing education


These young people are passionate about building up and giving back to their community. As an integral part of the Kids Club program, Local Leaders run our afterschool program under the guidance of the Kids Club Director. At Kids Club, they provide academic, emotional, and spiritual support to our students by helping with homework completion and providing reading support while also being a caring, listening ear as our students navigate life. Local Leaders are role models to our elementary students instilling leadership qualities through activities that boost confidence and allow children to recognize their God-given gifts. The local leadership program was developed as the first initiative of Casa Chirilagua’s strategic direction for years 2014-2017 and continues to this day.


If you are interested in providing professional development coaching (resume writing/job interviewing skills, etc) for these students, please email info@casachirilagua.org.


If you are interested in providing bi-weekly professional mentorship to a college aged students, please email mentoring@casachirilagua.org.

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Casa Chirilagua’s family strengthening programming provides families with safe spaces to engage in community dialogue, share achievements, strengthen parent/child communication and serve in a leadership capacity to promote the well-being of the family through:


Language (¡Yo hablo inglés!) and Literacy Classes: Providing educational opportunities for adults in the community who want to learn oral English skills and/or Spanish literacy skills. Inquire about enrollment


Additional Classes: Computer literacy and nutrition classes are also offered to adults in the community. Computer classes teach basic skills essential to computer and internet usage. Nutrition classes empower parents to make healthy and feasible decisions for themselves or their families whether it be in the kitchen or the grocery store. Inquire about enrollment


Family dinners: Partner churches, friends, small groups, work colleagues and local organizations host monthly family dinners for Kids Club families in an effort to celebrate community and unity over a shared meal. These dinners allow families to share accomplishments—such as good grades—and engage in meaningful discussion about their family and the community. Host a family dinner


Family Strengthening: In partnership with SCAN and ACPS’s FACE program, we offer a seven week family strengthening curriculum for Middle School students and their parents offering families tools to improve respect and communication within the family unit.


Cooperative de Padres (Parent Committee): Through the Cooperative de Padres all Club parents meet monthly to support and encourage one another as they work together for the wellbeing of their children and the greater community. These monthly meetings provide an opportunity for parents to:


  • Hear about community resources available to parents and their families
  • Share pertinent information related to the health and wellbeing of their family
  • Work together in to support the development of their children and the Kids Club program
  • Plan annual events and outings to strengthen bonds within and among Kids Club families


Directive de Padres (Parent Leaders/Officers): The Cooperative de Padres elects the Directive de Padres (a parent leadership board) annually to serve as the leaders and coordinators of the parent group. The leadership board meets monthly, guiding and directing the topics and activities of the parent group.

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Chirilagua Connections refers to our network of individuals, groups and organizations, who generously give of their time, talent and treasure. Each member of our family offers the community a unique gift, whether it comes from across the street or across the country. Chirilagua Connections provides an avenue through which our investors (like you) can participate in the neighborhood.


You can give of your time, talents, skills, and abilities whatever your place in life or profession. If you would like to connect your time or talents to a need, check out our latest opportunities in our wishlist and send your contact information with a description of your talents, professional skills, areas of interest and availability to 


You can give of your treasure through monetary or material donations. Please see our connect page for up-to-date material needs or email development@casachirilagua.org to inquire about other material donations. If you’d like to give monetarily, please visit our donate page.

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Casa Chirilagua hosts on average 25-30 students weekly who want to deepen their relationship with God and study the Bible together. Through these weekly meetings caring leaders help students understand:


  • God made them
  • He loves them
  • He has a plan for their life


We facilitate two middle school Bible studies for boys and girls in the neighborhood, which teams of volunteers lead weekly throughout the academic school year. Students receive biblical teaching alongside life skills development in the areas of healthy conflict resolution, making wise relationship decisions, how to overcome pridefulness with humility, and stewardship education to name a few.


Additionally, relationships are reinforced during one annual retreat where students and leaders spend time away from the daily grind to deepen relationships with God and each other. As students attending Bible Study invite friends, these Bible studies grow as word spreads.



To get involved with Bible Studies by investing a couple hours per week with a group of students for at least one academic year, apply to volunteer today.

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Our community-based mentoring program matches students enrolled in Casa Chirilagua programs with a caring adult mentor. We continually seek new mentors for the students on our mentoring waitlist, as we aim to match each student with a consistent mentor. While each relationship forms uniquely, most pairs spend their time on developing academic, social and emotional skills with special learning experiences interspersed. Along with boosting confidence by acquiring more academic skills, the individualized attention a child receives from a mentor increases a youth’s general sense of well-being. Mentors receive support from the Mentoring Director and the opportunity to experience their mentee’s growth and change. We adopt the common saying, “Transform two lives through one mentor relationship.”


Every mentor is required to pass a series of background checks and complete two trainings. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, giving one hour a week to a child in our neighborhood with a commitment of at least one year, please apply to volunteer today.

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Teens Club offers evening and weekend extracurricular opportunities for middle school students (6th–8th grades), providing social and developmental support through group classes, experience and exposure field trips, and service learning projects. Through active learning opportunities with peers, students are given the opportunity to engage with the world surrounding them and try new interests and activities.


All enrolled middle school students are eligible to participate in our after school tutoring support opportunities, weekly Bible study and mentoring programs.



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At Kids Club, our mission is to lay the foundation for the emergence of local leaders. We strive to create a safe, stable, and loving environment where children can receive the academic support they need and learn skills to build honoring relationships with one another. As they develop and discover their myriad talents, we hope as well they will grow in the truth, care, and love of God through Bible-based lessons, access to caring adults, and the formation of healthy friendships.


Learn about volunteering
Experience the joy of planting seeds for our future leaders by getting involved at Kids Club. Give two hours per week on a weekday afternoon for one academic year.



The first neighborhood program of Casa Chirilagua, Kids Club, began in an apartment as a handful of students and neighbors reading together after school. Since then, it has grown into a five day a week after school program providing a safe environment and a sense of belonging where students experience academic, emotional and spiritual support.


In Kids Club, 1st–5th grade students are provided an educational after-school program to help improve academic achievement and confidence.


Kids Club offers students:

  • daily homework help
  • daily reading support
  • character building activities
  • a healthy snack
  • fun fridays offering exposure to art, science, physical fitness, healthy cooking and community service
  • monthly field trips


These activities encourage students to hone their academic skills and find an accepting community where they belong. Kids Club is located in Chirilagua, providing proximate access to promote family involvement, building a bridge between our partners and neighborhood, and creating space for our community to shape its youngest members into its future leaders.


All elementary students enrolled in Kids Club are eligible to participate in our mentoring program, family dinner and celebration nights and summer programs that provide academic support to prevent scholastic regression.



Won’t you build relationships that empower tomorrow’s leaders?
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